Rest on Him

Looking at the situation in the world, people are afraid of one thing or the other. It’s not just about the pandemic alone, people are with different problems added to the virus causing another disaster.

I’m sure you can’t handle that situation alone come to the One that can help you lift up your burdens and give you total liberty. Matthew 11:28 says “Come unto me all ye that labour and heaven laden and I’ll give you rest” the only place you can find rest is in Jesus.

I admonish us to draw to our maker and see him help us through. He is the only one that can carry your burdens. Yes, alot of our uncles, sisters and parents have promised us and failed it’s not their fault in most cases human power fails that’s just it. Come to the one that never fails, Jesus Christ will carry your burdens and your rest is sure. Even in this pandemic situation receive rest in Jesus name.