What is eNTRANCE?

eNTRANCE is an Online Daily Devotional Guide written by a community of Christian users incorporated. It gathers devotional posts from several authors and unites them all to form a formidable guide for a daily walk and growth with God by the power of His Word.

Our Mission

Faith comes by… the Word of God (Rom 10:17 Paraphrased); the mission of eNTRANCE is to strengthen the Faith and daily growth of Christians through the Spiritual food, the Word of God. Generally, people get more occupied with what they are involved in; the involvement of every member of the eNTRANCE Community helps maintain a constant digest driven database of diverse experiences and personal perspectives bounded in one Spirit, streaming from one ultimate manual, the Word of God.

Our Vision

eNTRANCE Online Daily Devotional Guide projects to reach every end of the Universe with the Light of God illuminated in dedicated vessels. The aim is to ensure iron sharpens iron, creating a community of growth minded individuals who are inspired to touch lives for God even as He touches them.

What we do.

Together, in an accord, God lovers sharing His Word and our encounter with Him, this is the eNTRANCE Community. Using the eNTRANCE Daily Devotional platform, users post their Daily Devotional Digest and hence share it with others online. After every three months, the posts of every member are collected together, reviewed, summarized, harmonized and edited. The processed collection of posts is then made into a quarterly daily Devotional guide printed into hard copy and also made available in PDF. The hard and soft copies of the devotional guide are then distributed freely.

How we do it.

eNTRANCE has an online Community, a forum where users can register and post for free. The Community has administrators, editors and moderators as well as other members, who work hand in hand for its continuous operations and you, too can be a part.

What we get, the Returns.

‘Blessed is he that readeth, and they that hear the words of this prophecy, and keep those things which are written therein: for the time is at hand.’ – Rev. 1:3. eNTRANCE does not depend solely on earthly reward, but we are certain that a greater reward awaits above even as we are blessed on earth.