Peacemaker’s Nuggets 29

In his book, Rule of Life, Richard Templar’s 73rd rule is “If you are going to be a friend, be a good friend”. Being a good friend demands great commitment. You have to be honest, loyal, reliable, forgiving and the list goes on. And the scary part is, if your friend doesn’t do this, you have to do it because that is what makes a good friend – being there at all times.

Then, my point today is, are you a good friend to your friends? Are you in friendship to compliment their weakness or to profit on same? Also, same goes to God; are you a good friend of God? The most important tenets of friendship is being there when our friends need us.

The rule is simple, you are either a good friend or not a friend at all.

The Peacemaker,

Oyeniyi Peace Taiwo

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