The Elastic Limit

Hi, do you know that no matter how wide you stretch the rubber band it does have its own elastic limit.

God does not have limits let alone limitations but there are various hope elastic limit on every humans. Before a rubber band can break it must have been stretched to its elastic limit.

There are some secret sins you commit that God just keep having mercy hoping to see you change after you are tired of committing such sins but the devil will make sure you do not get tired until you reach God elastic limit of mercy and then the devil gets opportunity to break you and when he does these, then you feel useless and miserable.

Brethren, please don’t play with sin believing God is merciful, your own case is different just like David, you can’t go scot-free with your sins, *if you enjoy sin be ready to enjoy the pains for it*

Not everybody have wide elastic limit of grace, be careful on how you stretch your life with sins.
How can we continue to someone and say grace should abound? God forbid!


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