Taking Charge the Daniel Way

The story of Daniel is very commonly read. Many of us have gotten so used to it we no longer realise the challenge it carries for us. However, the word of God can never become stale, it still carries power irrespective of how worn out we think of it to be. Daniel chapter 2 speaks of a ‘spoilt’ king, he had only spent over a year on the throne, yet had some impossible request to make of his ‘wise men’. It is normal for a king to demand the ‘demanding’ but not the impossible! However, a closer look at the bible reveals he didn’t even see the task as impossible, he thought the men were connived against him (verse 8-9). The king had so much belief in the wise men that they could reveal anything; how often people run after men like them looking for the impossible, things only God can give.
When Daniel heard what the king decreed, he didn’t question the king on why he made such a demand in the first place, he simply went, confidently, to tell the king he was a solution carrier (verse 14-16). You don’t need to ask the devil why he’s trying to torment you, he’s aware of your dominion but still wants to see how you exercise it. Daniel did not resign to fate, he stood his ground. He could have simply called on God and questioned “why must we die like this?!”, he could have also asked God to change Nebuchadnezzer’s mind. But he didn’t, He knew who he was! Several times we have asked God to do things we’re supposed to do. In Genesis 1:28, he said “have dominion”, not “I’ll give you dominion”. Until we realise this, we’ll remain subservient to the devil and his cohorts.
So, Daniel went to the king, fully persuaded the King of kings cannot fail and the Revealer of secrets was exalted. God wants to be glorified, but more than that, He wants to be glorified in His children. Take your stand today to take charge like Daniel, no believer is meant to be any less (Mark 16:17-18).

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