When it comes to ownership right, people tend to define boundaries. Even spouses define boundaries within their relationship when it comes to who owned what. While it is legal to exercise ownership right on our properties, spiritually, you will need a different approach. Some believers’ way of handling ownership of their properties and all that has to do with their affairs have caused them a lot of losses.

How broad is God operational right in your affairs? I struggled with this thought for a while before I fully understood the meaning. Is it my house or God’s house? Is it my family or God’s family? Is it my business or God’s business? My life or what? When it comes to spiritual matters, whatever we claimed personal ownership on has put restrictions on God operational power! And God being God will never infringe on anyone’s right.
Abraham understood this concept. That is why it is easier for him to let go of Isaac when God made the demand. Though, naturally, he should have struggled if he considered his age, but he believed God is in charge and knows better.

In Matthew 10:39, Jesus said;
“Whoever finds his life will lose it, and whoever loses his life for my sake will find it.”
After this understanding, I changed my orientation of how I see things spiritually since then. Everything I have, I considered myself a caretaker; God owned it all. Or can anyone successfully handle anything without God’s help? So, if we learned to turn both our gains and pains over to God. If we are disciplined enough to make God overseer of all that concerned us, then, we can have the boldness to approach God when things don’t work as planned.

Praying when things go wrong is not a bad idea but it is wisdom to commit things to God’s hand even before it begins. That was what the sons of prophet did in 2 kings 6:1-6. This does not mean things won’t go wrong but it is assurance that God is already in the boat, so, when storm arise, the boat won’t capsize because God will calm the storm. But imagine when God is absence and storm arises? It’s like when a stranger shows up at your doorstep and asking you if you help find his car key! Just imagine your response! That is exactly what most believers do when things go wrong! But God is merciful at all times.

So, henceforth, from spiritual perspective; who owns what? Are you or God?
May the Lord give us more understanding in Jesus name.

Oyeniyi Peace Taiwo

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