Relationship Friday with Samuel Obunikem

Hello! It’s another edition of Relationship Friday today, I’m excited and I’m sure you are too.

We will examine another important element of a successful relationship. This element is often not put into consideration by lots of couples and it has led to many faulty relationships.
This element is ACCOUNTABILITY.

Beside Love and Trust, Accountability is crucial in any relationship. You and your partner must be accountable to somebody, there should be someone involved in your relationship, someone who both couples can confide in and seek advice. That’s why it’s good to have Mentors.

Many couples have neglected this element because they want privacy in their relationships, but understand that this person is who you’ve decided to submit to so that he/she can direct you. Having someone your relationship is accountable to does not mean you lack privacy but it’s a sign of responsibility.
(Next Week I will tell you tips to identifying a good mentor and how to connect with one)

Please Ladies, Never get into a relationship with a man who has not submitted to someone, he might have a mentor but not submissive to him/her. Make sure you check thoroughly to know that he’s submissive to his mentors.

I can give you many examples of ladies that have fallen victim of such men. These kind of men have no one to correct them, they can do and undo anything in the relationship.

Same goes for the guys, make sure the lady is accountable to Someone and know the person, both of you must know each other’s mentors.

Also, do well to carry the person along in your relationship.

To the success of your Relationship
Samuel Obunikem

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