Peacemaker’s Nuggets 8

There are many believers who spent their energy fighting their battle the wrong way and when they win, they learned the victory is useless. When you start seeing your colleague or neighbor as your enemy, then, something is wrong with your faith. Of a truth, there are people who are difficult to work with or live next to but that does not mean you start fighting them physically.

Christ gave us a potent strategy to fight the enemy. Bless those who curse you and love your neighbour like yourself. Cursing or strategizing how to hurt back those who hurt us will only do our relationship with God more damage. When our ways please God, those who suppose to be blocking our progress will be the one championing our way to the top.

Don’t allow bitterness or hatred to inform your relationship with people, rather live peaceably and lovingly with all people!

The Peacemaker,

Oyeniyi Peace Taiwo

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