Peacemaker’s Nuggets 43

It takes only a small leak to sink a giant ship. Sometimes, what defeats us is not the arrow that enemy throws at us but that little unchecked indiscipline likes Esau’s appetite and Samson’s waywardness. Like Achilles got his heel, we all have some weakness that serves as a reminder than we are mundane beings.

Even the Philistines knew they weren’t the one who captured Samson, he simply defeated himself. As deadly as Goliath was, he was not a match for little David. But same giant slayer and mighty men leader messed up when his weakness tested his appetite. There is a popular adage, if the wall never cracks open, no reptile can crawl into the wall.

We should be more careful of our weakness’ poison than the arrow thrown at us by the enemies!

The Peacemaker

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