Peacemaker’s Nuggets 41

I learned a great deal this week by interacting with great minds. And I understood, the easiest game people play daily is the blame-game. It is very easy to hold others responsible for our pains but in the actual sense, it is the most damaging game ever invented by man. Because blaming others never solve any problem. The devil is not always responsible for all our woes, or the government, or the church!

It seems, because of prevalent issues, many of us have got used to be part of the blame-gamers! It was very easy for everyone on the battlefield at Succoth that day to hide and expect Saul to save the day. It wasn’t David responsibility to fight Goliath. Nobody will even notice if he walks away. But he volunteered to fight, and history remembered him as a hero every time the story is revisited. Will you volunteer to fight the Goliath threatening our joy today?

Beloved, we need to take responsibility of our nation, our acts, and our lives because our future depends on it!

The Peacemaker

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