Peacemaker’s Nuggets 38

Today, I am a bit apprehensive. You can hardly drive around in any neighbourhood in Nigeria without seeing at least four to five or more Churches. But it will be hard to find in same neighbourhood, one public health center or public school and if there is any, they are always ill-equipped! I think we need to think deeply as the light of the world! We are the salt of the world! If Government is failing, we should take advantage of their failure to win souls!

We have more jobless and homeless people all over as members. And most of our churches are empty during weekdays. Why don’t we turn these churches to vocational center during weekdays and homeless shelter at night for the homeless for short stay? We have many unskilled graduates roaming the street looking for jobs they are not skilled to acquire! We need to convert our next church building project to equipping a public health center or a public school in our neighbourhood. We have built enough churches; we need to evangelism the Christ way for our light to have divine impact – a lasting impact!

Faith leaders, over to you Sir/Ma!

The Peacemaker

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