Peacemaker’s Nuggets 31

The enemy is strong and very organized. To defeat them, we need to be stronger and highly organized. One of the elements that brims strength is knowledge. What you know determines the extent of how far you can possess the enemies territory. And when we give rooms to ignorance in an area, the enemy know how to capitalize on such loopholes. God encourages us to get knowledge, those who ignore such counsel do so at their own peril.

Moses was a perfect match for Pharaoh because he is highly educated and knowledgeable. It takes an highly intelligent man to receive ten commandments from God and write it for all generations. Please be aware today, there are principles spirituality can not break, only your knowledge and that is why many people are sickly and poor. And God’s lamentations continue; “My people perish because…”

How knowledgeable are you?

The Peacemaker,

Oyeniyi Peace Taiwo

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