Peacemaker’s Nuggets 25

There are friendships that look beneficial but not good enough if we still want God to be on our side. Oh, there are people that are highly powerful and influential but can they compare with God? If the people that flock around you are people who mock your faith, then, you need to take a stand today, come to the side of truth and stay on it, or embrace their friendship and live with the consequences.

Oh, I have seen people worship with zeal on Sunday morning, speaking in tongues. They know the Word but their love for world keep robbing them of what the Word can do in them. Every voice that does not exalt the true virtues of Christ must be discarded and done away with if we are to live a glorious life.

Demas had a choice, Gehazi had a choice, we all have a choice, I choose to be on the Lord’s side, what about you?

The Peacemaker,

Oyeniyi Peace Taiwo

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