God, Man, and Prayer – Part 3

Our God is a consuming fire. However, we are no longer in the era where He strike people down because they annoyed him. Sadly, one thing that is clearly missing in many self-professed Children of God today is “Fear of God”. What many people do behind closed door remains the channel through which Satan constantly torment them. This is rampant because many of these people lack understanding.

Joseph lived several years jumping from fire to fry pan because he chose to live a life God destined for him. But how do you fight off temptation when Satan dangles in front of your face what you need to escape a momentary need? Fighting off temptation takes a deeper understanding that gives insight beyond current situation. However, until we know God extensively, Satan’s trick will continue to frustrate God’s divine plan for us. In understanding, we will find it easy to work away from temptation, forgive those who hurt us and love God wholeheartedly.

Beloved, in all we do, we need to prioritize reverencing God, if we want to end well.

© The Peacemaker