God, Man and Prayer 2

God, Man and Prayer – Part 2

God’s ultimate plan for us all is for every one of us to live in happiness and also end happily. However, some times, situations do prove that nothing is working for us. Such was the situation Abraham lived in for decades. But God’s plans never fail. Whatever He promises, He is able to deliver. Spiritually, there is something that happen to us when we consistently live a life that pleases God, you can not be spiritually deaf. You will hear God clearly because your prophetic connection is active when God is please with your ways.

However, in times of crisis, people around us do offer their own logical opinions to help create a quick way out, and most times, they don’t mean harm. When Sarah suggested Haggai bear a child for Abraham, why didn’t Abraham approach God and discuss the new plan and seek God’s opinion on it? – prayer! Every man’s wisdom may look good for us at the moment but the end, may be catastrophic and that is why it is wisdom to seek God’s opinions on every man suggested way out.

Our way-out in every crisis lies in God’s guidance. Let us constantly wait on Him, always!

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