God, Man and Prayer 1

*God, Man, and Prayer – Part 1*

“Obedience is the key”

God’s love for man precedes man’s love for God. He loved us first. And one channel He created for us to have cordial relationship with Him is Prayer. Man’s default relationship setting with God is prophetic. And this is clearly evident from Adam’s first day on Garden of Eden. Adam enjoyed privileges no other creature of God enjoyed. He has direct access to talk face to face with God.

However, Like every good father, God expects Adam to keep away from everything He disapproved. Adam annoyed Him by doing exactly what God disapproved. As children of God, to enjoy cordial relationship with God, stay away from doing anything He disapproved! You cannot consistently engaged in things that displeases God and enjoy divine support.

From today henceforth, stay away from things that displeases God.

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