From Ambition to Meaning

Many times we have taken steps with false precepts that our truth and ideologies have served us hitherto, but we cannot live the afternoon of life according to the program of life’s morning.

For what was great in the morning will may have become little in the evening and what in the morning was true at evening will have become a lie.

There has to be a shift from the ambitious kind of life to a life with meaning, a life whose whole intention is how to add value to the next person. We need to shift from that point of view of how much can i make to how many lives will i touch.

Stay aligned with what you are here for and stay in harmony with God. Only When you return to God you can truly and really find the essence of your being and only then can you take a shift from ambitious type of life to a life of meaning.

Find your purpose, find what you are here for and your 2018 will be the best of your years ever.

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