Dislodging Weights 3

Date: June 19, 2020
Theme: Covenanted Living
Topic: Dislodging Weights 3

Genesis 35:4 “And they gave unto Jacob all the strange gods which were in their hand, and all their earrings which were in their ears; and Jacob hid them under the oak which was by Shechem.”

The journey of covenant is very sensitive. The household of Jacob submitted the gods they had, but also earrings which could have been made into idols, this signifies true repentance and dislodging of weights.

You cannot let go of a sin and still hold on to sinful trends yet expect to be covenanted to God. Old things must pass away and the things that lead to them. Let go!

Talk to God: Father, deliver me from every weight that may easily beset me in Jesus name, amen.