Asking Confidently

Let’s not be tired or feel too guilty to ask from God. Don’t ever feel God might not give you something because you don’t deserve it, or because of anything, no matter what. Was meditating today, and I it came to me that God will not deny anyone who request from Him anything, of course, you must ask according to His will

When the Holy spirit reminded me of God granting Satan’s request “Job 1:11-12” but that was not the only time Satan’s request was granted. Job 2:5-6, his request was also granted.

If Satan’s request can be granted despite the status of his relationship with God, and God already designed his end…sis/bro, don’t you think we are under utilizing our relationship with God as per Father to Son? We are God’s Son, and the Yoruba will say “Omo eni ònburu ka fi fekun paje”…meaning “no one will ever leave his/her child to be devoured due to disobedience”

I’m not saying we can continue in Sin…no no no, but letting your weaknesses to limit you in the place of prayer when asking from God is not ideal.

Most of us are like the elder brother of that prodigal son, we will not make any feast by asking God for something tangible, when an unbeliever now come to Christ, then within few moment, they got the type of miracle we want or desired, we get jealous and sometimes down talk their miracle, some will even insult God.

I rest my case….shalom…