Peacemaker’s Nuggets 40

I have heard people say it’s good to have passion for what you do. “Do what you love and when you do what you love, you won’t feel like you go to work”. But many people forgot God created something called ‘Reality’. So, while you are in the reverie of ‘idea’ in cloud nine. Reality is always there, it doesn’t come suddenly like a thief! And reality has a way of traumatizing its victim.

It is a great privilege to have people in your life who tells you the truth at all time. But it is much greater for anyone to have capacity to accept the truth and adjust. It is true that not everybody can understand your idea the way you do but it is better to always give room for reality check. Some laudable ideas have died because the dreamer failed to do reality check!

There are issues that being spiritual won’t solve unless you are honest with yourself!

The Peacemaker

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